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Queen Victoria 

This is the future Queen Victoria at the age of 40 on a visit to her German parental home in Karlsruhe. She is depicted standing upright with a serious look.

The portrait was probably painted as she celebrated the 50th jubilee of her father, Fredrik I, as Grand Duke of Baden.

Queen Victoria was known for her loyalty and her discipline. She suffered from bronchial problems, and therefore spent much of her time abroad. To placate criticism of her long stays overseas, she had Solliden Palace built on Öland in 1906 in order to have a healthy retreat closer to hand.

bernadotte portraits

Portrait: Queen Victoria as Crown Princess
Artist: Otto Propheter 1875-1927
Year: Oil on canvas, 1902

The portrait hangs in Princess Sibylla's Apartments at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, which is not a public space.

Another portrait of Queen Victoria produced by the same artist in 1906 hangs in the public Bernadotte Gallery.