Gustaf V, King of Sweden

King Gustaf V

During his long reign, Gustaf V intervened personally in key political issues on several occasions. In the case of the 1914 peasant armament support march, the king went against his own government and declared that the defence issue must be resolved "now and in a context". The government resigned a few days later. As a result of this questionable conduct, he subsequently declared that he had never sought personal power.

During World War II, the king's authority was of great importance in support of the coalition government's foreign policy.

He distinguished himself as a passionate and skilled tennis player. He was also a keen huntsman. Gustaf married Victoria in 1881, and they had three sons.

Gustaf V photographed by Court Photographer Hamnstedt, 1914. Photo from the Bernadotte Library's archive.

gustaf V

Born 16 June 1858, died 29 October 1950
Reign 1907–1950

royal motto

With the people for the Fatherland

no formal coronation


1950 Riddarholmen Church


Oskar II


Gustaf VI Adolf


Victoria of Baden


Gustaf VI Adolf (1882–1973), King of Sweden 1950–1973
Wilhelm (1884–1965)
Erik (1889–1918)

The Bernadotte