Exhibition 1523–1973–2023 Vasa to Bernadotte

The major jubilee exhibition Vasa to Bernadotte, 1523 –1973 –2023. Culture in Service of the Realm will showcase unique objects, taking you on a voyage of discovery from the past to the present day.

Vasa to Bernadotte. 1523 –1973 –2023. service of the realm.

The Jubilee exhibition was displayed 11 March 2023–7 January 2024 at the Royal Palace

Five hundred years of monarchy have built a rich and multifaceted legacy. The Royal Court of Sweden is commemorating this anniversary with the most comprehensive exhibition ever staged at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Spectacular culturally and historically significant objects from the Royal Collections will be exhibited alongside important items on loan from other institutions. The competition has been fierce: every single object in the exhibition tells its own compelling story and occupies an important place in Swedish history and court culture.

Join us on this historical journey that encompasses the establishment of a Swedish central government, the splendour of the Age of Greatness, educational ideals, academies, parliamentary power and revolution, international influences, royal art collections, foreign policy and a commitment to the environment.

From 1540 onwards, King Gustav Vasa introduced major changes. The goal was to create a modern state in the Continental style. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Visit the digital version of the exhibition. Click on the image to start the virtual tour.

A tour through the exhibition ’Vasa to Bernadotte, 1523 – 1973 – 2023. Culture in Service of the Realm. Photo: Timo Saarela